9 thoughts on “n3wt0wn”

  1. Hey, I’m such a big fan of this blog!! I especially love your style, your so confident and have this really beautiful aura about you. I love how unique you are and how you can rock anything! Teach me your ways! Xx I have been inspired now to get a penpal, I thought that a penpal would just be writing a plain old letter, but you have shown me that it is more important than that, and little trinkets and parts of your life are great to share! Love your blog! Xx

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  2. wow, i LOVE the penpal idea! when i was younger and i moved, i wrote a lot of letters to my friends, and i always thought it was just a letter and nothing more. i love the idea of sending cute little gifts in, because, i’m actually pretty good at finding pretty little things, if i do say so myself :). so yeah, i’m definitely gonna try that.
    AND YOUR OUTFIT ADSJFDASDFHAILUF I love it!!!! All the backdrops in your photos are great, Australia must be so beautiful. too jealous.

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    1. Yes! I thought the exact same when I was younger – I would write letters to my grandma, but now it’s so fun because I love finding tiny trinkets and sending them to other countries! Also, THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!! It means THE WORLD to meeeeee xoxox

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