7 thoughts on “Invasion.”

  1. I agree with you Phia. Being Australian, I know what it’s like.. when people say Captain Cook discovered Australia, I just cringe inside. He was the first Caucasian man, but all the Aboriginals that were already there, were who discovered Australia… although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with celebrating Australia Day if you’re not celebrating it for the fleets arriving, and just celebrating for the fun:)

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  2. For me it is and always will be Australia Day. Yes I understand how the indigenous people feel. I am sorry that the culture has been lost but today we are doing what we can to resurrect it and I believe we are the luckiest people in the world to have a the chance to study a culture whose history is so ancient, predating all other ancient peoples this world has any information on.

    However, I need to talk about my Ancestors two of whom were on those boats. They were stollen from their families, just for trying to survive in a world where they were considered untouchable. They were lucky to have survived the horrendous conditions on the boats, they left the boats on arrival with clothes that barely covered their bodies, they were filthy, half starved, and some were very ill from mistreatment. The woman had been raped on the way over and 5 babies were born at sea. There were also many deaths on the trip over.

    They had nothing they were as frightened as the indigenous people were. No they did not invade, they were bought against their will in chains. The soldiers could have killed every last Aborigine within days but they didn’t and you know why because Captain Arthur Phillip had orders from King George to treat the native with kindness and respect. This was done but the cultural divide was to wide; the language barrier to deep; the lack of understanding traversing both sides was immense.


    1. I understand and respect the point that you make, but in saying all those things about ancestors, I think that celebrating a day that represents the start of a wide division, cancels out all the work that is being done to narrow the division. I did not know about the orders from King George, but if that was so, the orders were certainly not followed. Within days, Aboriginal peoples were captured, disputes over land left them defenceless, and soon without safe access to food, water and other necessary elements for survival. Maybe the language and cultural barrier did play a part in this, but for most of it, the British treated them with disrespect and harshness. Until 1967, Aboriginal people had about the same legal rights as a kangaroo, and that all comes back to that day where they were pushed out of their home, and categorized into flora and fauna, something that a human should never be thought of as. They definitely could not have been completely wiped out within a couple of days as some tribes weren’t discovered until late 50s/ early 60s. Going back to your ancestors, I’m sure they were treated unfairly and I’m sorry for that but I do not understand why people would want to celebrate the day that marks officially what happened to both descendants from convicts or Aboriginal people.


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