Double G

Hey there! I am in the process of transitioning my wardrobe into an infinite colour block of greys and greens, so as to immerse myself in the depths of winter. And yes, that means that I bring to you today an outfit that is, you guessed it, a monochromatic composition of grey and green. These … Continue reading Double G

Pinstripe OOTD

I have been doing more shopping, so while I have more stuff to show you, I am also slowly spiralling into the depths of debt (tongue twister?), so I’ll show you some new stuff down below. I also forgot to say in my last post that I got accepted to go (at the end of … Continue reading Pinstripe OOTD


hey! I have been depoppin a lot recently, and am so excited to show ya some really cool stuff that I bought (when they arrive -____-) Also, I have some super exciting news: I am going to fashion week! Well, actually, only one day, but still (watch out mbfwa2018 i’m comin 4 ya!) I am … Continue reading Fashun

Slik0 To The Max

Hello. I’ve just gotten out of a wave of assessments, and only one very conformist drama piece remains to be produced. I’ve been trying my hardest to take photos, and have a thousand posts written up, but the photo-taking part requires a lot of planning for a (now) 14 yr old. But I got them … Continue reading Slik0 To The Max

The World Of Cato!

Hello there! Today is the day that I welcome you into the fantastical world of Cato. Honestly, finding her was a blessing – someone my age who, too, loves being dorky and drooling over fashion week (currently in the aftermath of being blown away by this year’s mfw) ! But, living on opposite sides of … Continue reading The World Of Cato!