Fairies DO Exist

Since forever, i’ve always believed in fairies. That little bit of extra, magical luck that we’re granted every once in a while – it’s all due to fairies. I used to make houses for them, I had (and still have) books on all the types of fairies and in partiular, Queen Titiana. Honestly, she’s my … Continue reading Fairies DO Exist

WhO dO wE hAvE tO pLeAsE?

After many years of following the trends of society, going through phases of wearing bright patterned leggings to crop tops and high-waisted EVERYTHING, just because all my friends wore them, I came to ask myself: “Who do I have to please?”. Not the queen, not my friends, no one. Bye bye trendsetters, I speak for myself, … Continue reading WhO dO wE hAvE tO pLeAsE?

A Creative Outlet

Rain, rain don’t go away, stay with me everyday. I think that when it’s raining, it puts me in a better and more productive mood. I’m sitting down in front of the fire curled up in an alpaca wool blanket and surrounded by watercolour pencils, my journal and ABBA. And how are you doing? Today … Continue reading A Creative Outlet

Hazy Daisy

BLAH. BLECHJVK. I feel like a soggy piece of cardboard. This is a quick little pick me up post that is very much needed as of now. I am sitting at home on a Sunday arvo (aussie m8), feeling like a large haze of grey smog has settled on my body, and weighed it down … Continue reading Hazy Daisy

Pretty Things.

Hey Guys! So today I thought I would show you some things that I thought were really pretty! This is kind of a mini post, to make up for the lack of posting recently. Aside from the usual fashion post, I made up this compilation of aesthetically pleasing inspiration.   So I hope you enjoyed … Continue reading Pretty Things.