Hello All!  I am a very very lazy person. I am writing this on my phone coz NO TECHNOLOGY IN MY HOUSE IS WORKING AGHHHHHH!!!! Anyways, I’ll keep this short, but I have had a nice long break from blogging and I am very ready to knuckle down and make some real good posts for … Continue reading inactivity

Bathtub Blues

Hey beautiful people! Today I went op-shopping with my friend. The local red cross and vinnies is where we’re at! I love thrift shopping – each piece I try on/buy has it’s own story! We also experimented with sparkles from bath bombs as eyeshadow. Did quite the job, didn’t it? For my outfit, I decided … Continue reading Bathtub Blues

Bolder Than Bold.

Hello Beautiful People! So today’s look is full of confidence. We’re testing out the bold yet minimalist styles. The chic elements of life. Harsh lines and perfect pleats. Fashion is an art form. It is what you make of it. Today we’re making it confidence. I created this look to inspire you to always back … Continue reading Bolder Than Bold.

Pretty Things.

Hey Guys! So today I thought I would show you some things that I thought were really pretty! This is kind of a mini post, to make up for the lack of posting recently. Aside from the usual fashion post, I made up this compilation of aesthetically pleasing inspiration.   So I hope you enjoyed … Continue reading Pretty Things.