Heyo. I have been going to numerous parties as of late (it seems to be the season of celebrations). Anyways, I wanted to talk a bit about these so called social gatherings. I have found out that it is a surreal feeling dancing in front of people of whom you have met only moments beforehand. … Continue reading Funkytown

Sunny Life

Hello there. So today, my dear friends, Imi, Hannah and I travelled to the beach, to celebrate the upcoming summer months. We sat on a beautiful ledge which overlooked the Sydney Harbour and its beautiful sparkling waters. We had a delicious picnic lunch and we jumped off the (9m) ledge into the water, (correction: they … Continue reading Sunny Life


hello. i have a messy head right now. i just got home fRom a weeK of sk11ng. th1$ is a me$$y sent3nce, which r3pres3nts how MANY thing$ i must do tod@y. i feel like i ALWAYS rant on about assessments, and so i have decided not to bore you with deets. i have had a … Continue reading n3wt0wn

Fairies DO Exist

Since forever, i’ve always believed in fairies. That little bit of extra, magical luck that we’re granted every once in a while – it’s all due to fairies. I used to make houses for them, I had (and still have) books on all the types of fairies and in partiular, Queen Titiana. Honestly, she’s my … Continue reading Fairies DO Exist

A Creative Outlet

Rain, rain don’t go away, stay with me everyday. I think that when it’s raining, it puts me in a better and more productive mood. I’m sitting down in front of the fire curled up in an alpaca wool blanket and surrounded by watercolour pencils, my journal and ABBA. And how are you doing? Today … Continue reading A Creative Outlet